Anmeldelse av Mockingjay Part 2: Bedre enn forløperen

This week we’re reviewing the finale to the Hunger Games Franchise: Mockingjay pt 2.

This film continues on from the first Mockingjay movie, where the rebels to president Snow, led by Katniss Everdeen, their Mockingjay, movie done right there, infiltrate the capital, with a now recovered Peeta, to try and take down Snow’s side, but Snow isn’t about to give up so easily, so go see the movie to find out what happens, unless you read the books in that case we already know that (Censoring). Now to get one thing out of the way, as some of you may know, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, aka Plutarch, passed away before all of his scenes were completed, and normally that would set any movie production behind, but not The Hunger Games, though it may have differed from the books, they carried on with the rest of the movie with no problem, though there was one point in the end where you could definitely tell like yeah, you definitely reused the same clip.

But that didn’t stop this movie from being A-MAZE-ING, and honestly was in my opion better than the first part was, and it rivals with the first one for being my favorite, so the fact that a sequel did that (CLAPS) chracters,Fantastic, Music Scoring, kept it like super intense in just the best way, and the speed of the movie just flowed seamlessly, so….YAASSS this movie was good.

And though Haymitch is BAE, HE IS BAE don’t argue with me on that, the mvp was the person who played Pollux inthe movie, Elden Henson, but Steffen isn’t he an Avox , how could he be your favorite if he couldn’t talk, I’ll stop you right there, it was because even though he didn’t talk, he conveyed so much emotion, and its one thing to talk and do that, but the fact that he could do that without talking and make me fall in love with him…that’s beautiful.

So, since I thought this movie was great, I’ll rattle off some dislikes for it since there wasn’t that many, I honestly felt like I should’ve been more disgusted with President Coin, yes I got she was the worst Good Guy, but come on, make me dislike her more, also there was one ship in there that was just kinda random and was just there to be there, and finally the final scene with Prim, book readers you know what I’m talking about, it just felt too quick,like I wanted more drama with it but to me it was just a split second where it should’ve been much longer.

But despite that, in the end I thought this movie ended the series beautifully and included the epilogue that the books had that I was very glad to see, which is why I’m going to give Mockingjay Pt 2 4.7 tributes out of 5 (whistles like Katniss) SO anyways guys haave you seen Mockingjay Pt. 2, what’d you think about it, tell me in the comments down below and go to OSTV for a more detailed writte review, I hope you guys have a great day and I’ll see you guys next time.

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