Captain America: Civil War – That Movie Show

For this episode of That Movie Show, Steffen covers the new installment to the Marvel Cinematic Univers, Captain America: Civil War, directed by the Russo Brothers and starring Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

So this next installment in the Marvel Cinematic universe shows us literally the 2 sides to the political standings due to the traumatic aftermath of like any avenger team up, or any superhero doing their own thing…it’s a mess. And yes to get it out of the way, no this didn’t stay 100 % to the comics, but really what movie stays 100% to their source material, but something I do have to give them credit for is actually appealing to the source material as much as they did, sure in little ways, but it was still great, and Spiderman was FANTASTIC, and no that’s not a spoiler cause that was in the trailer that everyone freaked out about.

I think a clear thing that should be appreciated about this movie, besides the greatness that is RDJ, (ASHDHKJASHD) is the fact that it really provides multiple dilemmas to each side of the avengers in team iron man and team captain america, like not only do the heroes question the sides that they’re on, but even the audience, including myself were like, wait am I really supporting the right thing, I mean I’m still team iron man but I feel like that is for obvious reasons. ( love rdj) Also a good thing to keep in mind, that even though this is a CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, its also like a 4th Iron man movie, or like the prequels to spider man and the black panther, among many other things, which I feel is what helps this movie play off as well as it does by including as much of the MCU as it does. One last thing before the bad stuff is just some characters I love, Vision, Scarlet Witch, who has her own ordeal in the whole movie, and Antman (literally scott lang is MEEEEEE). But the bad parts….really not that much, I know, how marvel fanboy of me but I really mean it, I mean sure we got some really good story and characters, but there were still those screw ups, most importantly with the villains, which I have to say, out of any marvel movie, this has got to be the weakest showing of villains,like we really got 2 villains, and one of them was only around for like 5 minutes, despite the intense marketing of his character…plus it was really hard for me, even knowing who he was going in, to remember what his backstory was….but then I was like oh right its that guy with the face thing….very knowledgable. Then the main villain almost had no interaction for like the entire movie with the avengers, it was almost like he was doing his own thing while the avengers were having a temper tantrum….sad but true…..though this was civil war…so maybe they were setting the movie up for something greater…..but what? Either way the movie was great, and mvp goes to RDJ, cause BAE (love) as well as being a 20 year old really well…surprising I know, but I also want to give a mvp to Spiderman….seriously see the movie cause this guy’s got to be the best spider man anyone has seen ever, and now I’m SUPER pumped for the spiderman movie coming out in like 2 years…omg it’s 2 years. But in the end to this very solid movie, I got to give Captain America: Civil War a 4.6 pepper soup thingy, out of 5…it’ll make more sense after you see the movie, so guys have you seen Captain America: Civil WAr, and if you have, please tell me what you thought about it, down below, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe and I’ll see you guys next time, STAY AWAY FROM RDJ HE’S MINE

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