Fanboy/Fangirl Friday Episode 2

So what does Snapchat’s new update, a magical wedding dance and a pranker gets pranked have in common? They’ve all gone viral this week AND we include them in this week’s episode of Fanboy/Fangirl Friday! 

This week Snapchat updated their app giving people more features to have more fun when snapping pictures to friends. The biggest and coolest feature is the SWYFF feature (check out our episode for why we call it SWYFF). According to Snapchat the update is working on both iOS and Android, but the animated lense is only compatible with newer Android phones. But do not fear, Snapchat will release a new update to make it work on older Android phones also, it’s just a matter of time.

Our second viral news flash is the wedding dance video, which has sweeped the Internet with a storm. The video is now counting 7 million views on YouTube, and the couple Justin Willman and his wife Jillian practiced 6 months in advance in order to perform it just right. Check out the video here to see why it has become viral:

Our last viral news is the video of the biggest pranker being pranked. Roman Atwood is known as one of the biggest pranksters on YouTube. Fousey from FouseyTUBE decided to prank him with the help of Roman’s girlfriend. The funny prank ended in a heated discussion with a tackle. To watch the full video check it out here:


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