Fanboy/Fangirl Friday episode 5

This week on FanBoy/ FanGirl Friday, Steffen and Lina are moved by Oktoberfest, but that’s ok because they’re gonna share the frame….for the whole video…what could go wrong, wait don’t answer that.

Anyways they cover the fantastic mashup from Norwegian YouTubers «PistolShrimps» of the trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with a ton of classic Disney Cartoon Movies. On top of that they also get to cover the strangest American Football goal, and the newest fashion craze, provided to us by Rick Owens from Paris Fashion Week….the human backpack….it kinda seems like the stories we get just get weirder and weirder each week…but that’s what makes this show great. So please join us on this week’s episode of FanBoy/FanGirl Friday. 🙂

The Story Links:

PistolShrimps Disney/Star Wars Mashup:

Nailed In The Face Football Goal:

The Human Backpack:

Enjoy 🙂

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