In this week’s episode Lina is all by herself while Steffen is away studying for his exam. How will it go? Watch now! The news of this episode are: 

The reveal of Spiderman in the trailer for Captain America: Civil War has made the Internet blow up with Spiderman memes. Search for #SpidermanAuditions if you want a good laugh.

Trailer for Captain America: Civil War –


#SpidermanAuditions Vine –



Musician Publio Delgado upload this video of himself from when he was one year old. He discovered that the song he had composed back in 2012 actually was composed way back, more like 30 years ago. Watch it and have a yourself a good feeling for the rest of your day.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTHQNhKNI5c

And lastly the finale Grande *pun intended*. Ariana Grande hosted Saturday Night Live last week and shocked everyone with her talent of impersonating other famous singers. Let’s just say she did a better job than some of the originals!



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