Film review: Jem and The Holograms

Hey everyone and welcome to that movie and this time we’re reviewing Jem and the Holograms.

So from the company that brought you GI Joe and Transformers gave us this, and having the Transformers on your side is never a good thing, ever…. But it turns out that they didn’t need the transformer’s help to suck because dang these reviews…they are pretty bad. But for me, sure I didn’t think this movie was spectacular, but I didn’t think it was that bad, but then people have to realize, this movie was based off a popular cartoon in the 80’s, and with nostalgia being at the peek of interest right now, unless you know you can do well, DON’T SCREW WITH OUR CHILDHOOD!!! Just a tip for movie companies…But for me, as someone who didn’t see that cartoon before, I thought it was nice, it was shot well, and they had one montage inthe song I just loved.

As for the characters, well I thought they were nice, and though we got the best worst MR SECURITY MAN, I thought that Stefanie Scott is our MVP, because she was a constant delight, but what do I mean by constant, well that’s because she was the one character who kept good character throughout the movie, because everyone else’s character flipped on a dime with no explanation, hey I’m mad now I’m happy…yeah no, and where I don’t think that Erica Raymond was casted terribly, I mean it was just uncomfortable to watch throughout the movie, plus you had Molly Ringwald, MOLLY RINGWALD, if you got Molly Ringwald, you better use her amazingness…but they didn’t and you kinda forgot she was even there because even though she was a parental figure .

One last thing, the plot of this movie did not stay at the speed it needed to. Sure it was a lot of rise, but when we needed to see a downfall, we didn’t, if anything it was for like 5 minutes, and then it was back to, yeah lets do the adventure. Plus I’ll give you credit for being social media aware, but next time realize, 36,000 views doesn’t make you a viral sensation, maybe back in 2005 it did, but now…ehhh not so much.

If your coming to see how this movie relates to the cartoon, I mean its loosely, LOOSELY, based on the same concept but nothing more. They do have a good end credit scene that reallystrongly sets up a sequel, but oh honey nooooo, nooo, nooo, probably not gonna happen. I mean if transformers can get like 50 million sequels I guess anything is possible, but in the end I enjoyed the movie, though the characters were kinda off among other things, but in the end I got to give this movie, 3 Gems out of 5…see what I did.

Anyways guys what’d you guys think about the movie, tell me down below, don’t forget to like and check out OSTV for more, hope you have a great day an we’ll see you guys next time, bye.

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