Into The Woods: A musical boredom

A variety of well-know fairy tales all mixed together in a musical. Into the Woods is the latest fantasy movie from the Disney Empire, based on the musical with the same name.

The plot of the movie is that Mr Baker (James Corden) is cursed by The Witch (Meryl Streep) because of his fathers past mistake. Therefore he and his wife (Emily Blunt) cannot have children. To undo the curse Mr and Mrs Baker must gather the items The Witch wants, which are found in the woods. On the way we stumble upon different fairy tales such as Cinderella, Jack and the beanstalk, Rapunzel and Red Riding Hood.

Now before you go to watch the movie it is important to remember one thing. To enjoy the movie you have to like musicals. Into the Woods starts of with a storyteller guiding us in, suddenly a song starts off and everyone starts singing. The singing doesn’t stop there; it goes on from start to finish. That’s why you have to enjoy musicals in order to enjoy the movie. It is a 2-hour musical joy ride.

If you don’t enjoy singing you will probably find the movie boring and long. Disney has stayed true to the original musical, but in a movie-format it doesn’t seem to work out. The story itself focuses on the Baker couple, but because of the side-stories it makes it all seem confusing. Luckily this is all interweaved in the end. Interesting is that Disney decided to include morbid parts of the real fairy tales, *SMALL SPOILER* such as the stepsisters cutting of parts of their feet to fit the shoe.

The acting and singing is all on point. Meryl Streep, who plays the villain, does a phenomenal job showing us different sides to her character. There is especially one scene where she sings «Stay with me» where your emotions will be on a roller coaster. The other cast members does also a good job, making the movie feel like a musical. Some of the songs will probably stick to your brain when it’s finished. Johnny Depp is also featured but don’t get too exited, it is just a short cameo.

Final Verdict:

If you do enjoy musicals you are most likely going to give this movie two thumbs up. If not BEWARE because it is a 2-hour ride packed with it. The movie tries to stays true to the musical, but it makes the story to long to fit the movie format. Luckily the actresses and actors, especially Meryl Streep, does a good job at lifting the story up. The story itself is good and how all these fairy tales are combined in the same universe makes it amazing.

Out of 5 points I give it:

3 out of 5

The movie premiers on March 27th.

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