We are currently looking for several dedicated volunteers. Want to work with us? Submit an application by using the form below.

In Oslo Student-TV we offer a range of exciting and challenging positions. Our operation requires first and foremost that we have skilled camera operators and journalists ready to drive forward and deliver matters of interest to students in Oslo. Central is also the editors who will ensure to keep our schedule and motivate our journalists. However, the scope of jobs can only be limited by your creativity. If, for example, you are an upcoming media analyst, or build camera drones on your spare time, you are welcome with us.

We believe that It is first here that you can test your knowledge. But patience, determinationand cooperation is also being tested. Therefore we dare to claim that it is Oslo Student-TV that will make you ready for later work. During the time with us you will figure out the in what way to best work, you will learn new techniques and gain experience which is wonderful to bring  on.

You also get the chance to meet students with the same passionate commitment as yourself. There will be a lot of fun such as pub nights, cabin trips and Christmas parties next to the exciting work we do. Besides of the good experience you will also get a lifetime of memories in the Norwegian student society Chateauneuf. There is no better place to start than here.

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