That Movie Show – Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Hello everyone and welcome to That Movie Show, where we review the newest movies for you, and this time we’re reviewing the movie based on the popular young adult post apocalyptic book series, no not The Hunger Games, no not Divergent, but the Maze Runner, more specifically The Scorch Trials. Now this movie starring Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Kaya Scodelario among many others, takes place after the first Maze Runner movie. While the group is taken to safety by this mysterious group, the protagonists learn that they were not the only maze, dun dun dun plot twist…That was kinda already said in the trailer, so yeah, already known plot twist. On top of that, it may be that this rebel group is not all what it seems to be, thus prompting everyone to escape in search of rebels that they must cross the scorch to find…. Oh that’s why they called it the scorch trials, explains it all. Now just as a warning I’m going into this movie having not read any of the books… Nor seen the previous movie, so I’m covering this as best I can, but if you know more about this franchise, please tell me what you thought in the comments down below, but anyways onto the movie review.

Now again this is another post-apocalyptic dystopian future movie, and to me it honestly seemed to follow the mold of a post-apocalyptic movie franchise, especially the second movie. The first one you have your initial introduction to the society, and like The Hunger Games, this second movie was all about trying to figure out more about the group that is supposedly good, but turns out to be evil, what oh no how could that be, really nothing new. And if I had to bet my money on the next movie, it’ll be everyone trying to overthrow the evil organization. The only thing that’s different about this compared to divergent and the hunger games is that this final book won’t be split into 2 parts, we just get one movie, and that’s ok. But as for the movie itself, I really thought it was decent, sure it does have action in it, as an action movie should, but it doesn’t really captivate me as say the avengers would, but this is its own movie so I’ll try to keep the other movie references out of it.

Honestly, there were a few gems in the movie, but it didn’t really overshine the okayness of it, there was like a joke and a jump scare….but there was only a joke and a jump scare, otherwise it was just story. As for the story it was nice, it was interesting, but again it didn’t really make me say oh boy this movie’s got me like YAS. I don’t feel bad that I saw this movie, but I’m probably not going to see it again, maybe the only I’d see it again was if I was doing a marathon of the movies, just because I reviewed this one. But despite all my views I will give out the mvp of the movie to Ki Hong Lee who played Minho in the movie, he was my favorite character and I feel like he delivered it the best out of the others, plus he was the only one who really got the one joke in the movie. And in the end of all this I’ll have to give this movie a, and I really don’t want to be mean here, a 2.5 destroyed New York cities out of 5. Though I’ll tell you that give this movie a shot if you really want to, but anyways that’s my point of view, and if you saw the movie, please tell me what you thought down below, please check out OSTV for more and I’ll see you guys next time, bye.

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