That Movie Show reviews «The Intern»

Hello everyone and welcome to That Movie Show where we review the newest movies in theaters for you, and this time we’re covering the new comedy movie directed by Nancy Meyers, «The Intern».  

Now this movie stars Robert De Niro as Ben, a recently retired person who has really just done retirement, but an opportunity arises when a fashion website is doing a senior intern program, he applies, gets in and now is assisting the boss of the company, Jules played by Anne Hathaway, who ‘s a do it herself lead by example boss who’s really an intense workaholic, and now she’s also trying to deal with the rapid expansionof her company and she has to battle with the decision of finding a CEO event hough she doesn’t want someone to take the company away from her so that awhole process right there.  No before I review this movie I just want to say a couple of words YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS ok yeah…what.

Yes I loved this movie its really a new take of something that I haven’t seen before, the characters loved them, and can I just mention Robert De Niro, OMG he’s my cinnamon bun and after this I feel like he’s everyone’s cinnamon bun, I mean he was just like everyone’s guardian angel, and he did itin like the best way, the day could be complete crap and you could be down and out, but Ben would be like, don’t worry its ok, he’d give you a hug and make sure you were leaving the conversation with some form of knowledge and closure, just like Yes. MVP right there. Another good thing the movie did was provide us with like a family to Anne Hathaway’scharacter, going into this I thought she was gonna be like, no I’m dedicated tomy work that’s it, nothing else, but no we got ourselves a house, also withsome problems but see the movie to see what plot twist I’m talking about. , but it was such a humanizing situation for her character. Also we have a superprogressive house with a working mom and a stay at home dad, you go movie.  And we also got a lot of nice side characters with some good quips, like Bumper from Pitch Peferct, and also situations that were just so flipping real like dang you got to get all meta on me…that’s how you use meta right?

But anyways this movie also had some bad things, in the beginning we had an inner monologue from De Niro and that was for an audition video,and that was clever and sweet, the only problem with that was we got another inner monologue from Hathaway, and it only happened once, it didn’t help the story at all and it was just there, why, we didn’t need it, the movie would’ve been fine, if you’re going to have an inner monologue just have one person do it. Also we got a child actor, now it’sa hit or miss with children actors, you either get Queven Johnny Wallace, or you could get the kid who played Anakin in Star Wars Episode One, and what we got in this movie I was like I couldn’t really tell, I mean she was good in some parts but in others it was like…cool yeah can we get back to the movie, but I will admit she was one of the realest people there, dang.  Also though some of the side stories were nice some of them didn’t really add anything to the movie and could be like not there and everything would still be fine, but what can you do.  But in the end this movie was still fun and adorable, and is definitely something I would recommend for others to see, which is why I’ll give it 4. Anne Hathaway bikes out of 5, so guys have you see nthe movie and if so please tell us what you thought about it down below, don’t forget to check out OSTV for more and we’ll see you guys next time, bye.

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