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The Visit is directed, written and produced by M. Night Shyamalan. He is also known for other classic horror movies such as The Sixth Sense (1999), The Village (2004) and Signs (2002). After years of doing not so well in other movies he has finally returned to the horror scene, and this time with his own personal indie movie project.

The plot of the movie is that Rebecca and Tyler are going to visit their grandparents. On their week long vacation there, while their mom is on a cruise, they notice that odd things start happening. On this trip the older sibling Rebecca decides to make a documentary out of it. She interviews them and she films the happenings. The grandparents give specific rules to have fun, eat a lot and don’t come out of your room after 21.30.

The visit is a movie filmed in the found-footage genre. Shyamalan has made it as if it was Rebecca who actually made the movie. In many scary movies this is a cliché move to make it scarier, and often this fails. In The Visit this genre actually works out great. The acting by the main characters is also very good, but the MVP of this is for sure Deanna Dunagan who plays nana. She lifts the movie to another level of scary.

Like any other Shyamlan movie this one also includes a plot twist. The plot twist might be taken as a total surprise to many, but for some it might already be spoiled. There are clues to it throughout the film, but they are well hidden. Another things which is very similar to other Shyamalan movies are the comedic points, and this one is no exception.

The comedic points in the Visit are funny but it might overtake the story and the scariness of it. In many scenes you will question yourself if you are supposed to laugh or not. These points also work as a build up to something scary. Be aware when you think everything is OK, it’s not. Story wise it’s good, but it could have been a lot scarier. This movie plays with your fright, funny bone and in some parts your heartstrings.

Final verdict:

The Visit is a good return-to-the horror-genre-movie for Shyamalan. After a long wait he delivers an OK scary movie with a good story. It is not the must-watch movie of the year but I recommend seeing if you have nothing better to do, or you want to watch a good movie. Out of 5 points I give this movie 3 out of 5.


The movie premiers on Friday the 25th of September

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