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For the first episode of TMS for the season, Steffen talks about the new film from Ben Falcone starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell, The Boss

So you got Melissa McCarthy playing Michelle Darnell, former successful business women who gets everything taken away from her after she is caught in insider trading, apparently a big no no, so after she is released from jail she moves in with her old assistant and she begins to take her life back by making her new brownie empire called “Darnell’s Darlings”….don’t worry this isn’t the only narcissism in the film it gets better.

So to start off, horribly terrified going into this movie, cause we got Melissa coming in right after SPY, one of my favorite films of all times, and being known for her misses as well as her hit movies, I was kinda worried….but really it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would.

And no I’m not trying to make it sound like I hated the movie, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, not as much as Spy but kjhdalkjfhad, this is its own movie, it’s more of a brash in your face thing, as you’re kinda thrown this character that you’re supposed to side with, but you have a hard time doing cause well….she’s a ($#!+ hole)…at least in the beginning of the film, I mean she still is later in the film, but she’s a jerk towards people who are already ($#!+ holes) so it really kinda makes it better.

And her character wasn’t the only one that was great, we got Kristin Bell pulling her own weight, we got Cecily Strong and Kathy Bates, as well as all the minor characters are great too, I kinda liked the most to be honest, especially the giant girl, buy my brownies or I’ll kill you..freaking gold, on top of that you get some other quick one liners that are great through out the film.

My main problems with this film is kinda just these things, 1, wanted more backstory in the beginning or at some point throughout the film, we got it so quick its almost like it didnt exist. 2 we got that physical humor from Melissa, now its great, but it almost felt that the movie was trying to capitalize on it to much, and just when you thought it was over, more of it came…just let Melissa do her thing, we didnt need that much I mean it felt like they learnt their lesson later in the film though so it was semi-ok, and finally the film’s pacing seemed kinda jolty cause we had like a good stretch of just a story, then it almost felt like a jerk to move onto the next part, it was kinda like, ok are we liking this, great NEXT, though I think it was played with well, but it just was jolty.

MVP would have to go to Melissa McCarthy, of course, she owned it, played her character well and well I love her, but not to sound bias I’ll give it to all the Darnell’s Darlings….what that fight scene was beautiful though it bordered on child labor….anyways In the end I’ll have to give The Boss, 3.8 Brownies out of 5, not bad, would see it again, and I would reccomend it.

SO guys have you seen The Boss, and if you did, what’d you think about it, please tell us in the comments down below.  I hope you guys have a great day and a brownie and we’ll see you guys next time, BYE

Hope you enjoy 🙂

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